Arpit Bansal

A brick in the creation of Artificial general Intelligence.


Iribe 2116

8125 Paint Branch Dr

College Park, MD 20742

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park advised by Professor Tom Goldstein. My research primarily revolves around empirical analysis and optimization of Deep Neural Network architectures, focusing on enhancing their training and inference mechanisms. I have a pronounced interest in image synthesis, specifically in text-to-image generation models, involving methodologies to streamline image generation processes and an in-depth exploration of diffusion model mechanisms. Additionally, with the aim to build neural networks that can do logical extrapolation and learn problem-solving skills, I have built neural-networks that can learn algorithms and thus extrapolate from easy-to-hard tasks using recurrence. A complementary aspect of my research includes investigating the inherent behaviors and characteristics of neural networks in various scenarios. Prior to UMD, I worked as a software developer with Visa in Data Product Development divison and received my Bachelors and Masters (Dual Degree) from IIT Kharagpur in Electrical Engineering. My CV is available here.

Along with research, I enjoy playing keyboard, and hiking.

Recent News!

Apr 10, 2024 Passed my Preliminary exam, I am a PhD Candidate now!
Jan 18, 2024 Universal Guidance is accepted to ICLR’24!
Sep 21, 2023 Cold Diffusion is accepted to Neurips’23!
Sep 1, 2023 Interned with AWS AI labs building Text-to-Image Synthesis Models!
Jul 15, 2023 Checkout our poster on Universal Guidance in CVPR!
Jan 26, 2023 3 papers accepted to ICLR’23!
Sep 15, 2022 Scalable Algorithm Synthesis is accepted to Neurips’22!
Sep 6, 2022 Cold-Diffusion hits 400+ stars on github!
Aug 22, 2022 Cold-Diffusion is on arxiv!
May 15, 2022 Certified NN Watermarks is accepted as ICML’22 Spotlight!